Pongal Festival



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Pongal is one of the traditional festivals that is celebrated in the Southern parts of India. It is also called the harvest festival, where farmers thank God for the harvest and the creatures that support agriculture like, the Sun, Cattle, Rain, etc. The celebration of this festival will last for 4 days and each day has its own importance and significance. It is a festival that has immense value for the people of Tamil Nadu, South India.

Four days of Celebration:

The first day of the Pongal celebration is called the "Bhogi Festival" where the people will burn all the old goods at home as a symbol of welcoming the new beginnings and burning the old pain, sorrows, and hurts of our life. The second day of the celebration is the most important one and it is called the "Thai Pongal" which falls on the first day of the "Thai" month in the Tamil Calendar. The Third day if the celebration is the "Maatu Pongal" or the "Cattle Pongal".

On that day the farmers decorate their cattle and thank them for the work and contribution in the agriculture process. Jallikattu is a traditional and bravery game which will be conducted in many places on the eve of Maatu Pongal and Alanganallur Jallikattu is famous all over the world such that it attracts international tourism. The final day of the Pongal festival is the "Kaanum Pongal" where people go for short trips or relative's homes or any spot to enjoy as a family and spend time together.

The pain of an Indian Farmer:

Considering the economy of India, farmers have a life full of struggle. It is very easy to have rice on our plates but there is a lot of hard work, struggle, pain, stress, frustrations of the farmer behind this. A Farmer gets a loan from the bank, he ploughs the field hoping for a good harvest, sows the seed, waters the land, and monitors it very carefully that there should be enough water.


Due to the tropical climate, there may be lack of rain due to which the paddy field will go in vain and sometimes there may be excess rain and because of that the paddy crops get decayed and brings out a big loss to the farmers. Against all odds, a farmer brings our rice to our plates. Many farmers in India commit suicide as they were not able to pay back the loan or due to the financial crisis and starvation. Pity!!! Isn't it??? A farmer who spends all his life to feed people like us is unable to feed his own family and dies miserably.


Pongall :

Remembering the struggles and honoring the work of farmers all over the globe, we have named our restaurant as "PONGALL". A fair contribution is planned to be given in the future to the financially struggling farmers from the revenue we generate.